Child Care and Preschool in Connecticut

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Individualized Learning

Your child plays with purpose. We showcase their important efforts.

Teachers at Bright&Early create a child development portfolio for each child in their classroom. The portfolio showcases your child’s progress and development of fine 

CT Child Care Optionsmotor skills through cognitive and creative expression. You will be amazed with the difference in your child’s work as the year progresses.  Bright&Early truly is a high quality child care center. 


The Child Portfolio contains your child’s:


  • Developmental Assessmentscompleted three times per year, presented at Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Language Samplesyour child’s early attempts at written communication using letters and words
  • Artwork Samplesyour child’s creative masterpieces depicting progress in creative expression 


Child Development Portfolio

The time for learning is now. Let's make it worthwhile and fun! 

Simply put, children learn through play. And, Bright&Early takes play very seriously! Your child will be given countless opportunities to engage in fun activities that challenge their creative spirit and result in achieving their personal best. At our child care center your child’s day will be full of wonder, exploration and discovery!


Observations and Assessments

Each teacher plans and implements an age-appropriate Learning Experience Plan for the children in their classroom based on individual curriculum for their age program. Teachers also take into consideration each individual child’s development by reviewing child observation records. Teachers give careful thought to each child’s needs and take advantage of “teachable moments.” 

Learning Experience Plans outline upcoming activities such as circle time, songs, stories, art projects, science experiments, music & movement classes, outdoor games, dramatic play and much more!

Activities focus on children’s personal & social development, physical development, cognitive development and creative expression. Learning Experience Plans are reviewed and approved by the director and posted in each classroom on the Parent Info Board.

At Bright&Early, our goal is to provide high quality child care and to set your child up for success, offering learning activities that encourage your child to move forward developmentally at their own pace. We know that children learn through play. We also believe that "childhood is a journey...not a race." We want your child's experience at Bright&Early to be a wonderful foundation for a lifetime of learning.



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