Little Helpers in the Kitchen

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Little Helpers in the Kitchen!

Having your little one help out in the kitchen is an experience that is beneficial in so many ways! There is conversation about where food comes from, there is math, science, and let’s not forget the very important buy-in of your child eating the food they helped make.  Children are more willing to try new foods when they are part of the process in the supermarket and in the preparation so take full advantage of that!  Think about it, how much more exciting is it to eat carrots or broccoli that you helped pick out at the grocery store and then assisted in the cooking process as opposed to having it placed on your plate. I literally have flashbacks as a child when my Mom gave me meatloaf and thinking “I’m not eating that”.  I also remember making meatloaf with my Noni and mixing all the fun ingredients with my hands and loving it after that!

Children love to help so whether it be stirring, smashing, peeling or supervised cutting you are teaching your child skills and habits that they are going to take with them into adulthood.

If main meals are to hectic there are so many fun snacks on the internet and Pinterest that are easy to make, not so messy, and fun for young ages!

Put on a little cooking music and Enjoy!

Happy Cooking!
Heather Harris
Bright & Early Blogger