Routine is Important for Everyone!

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Routine is important for everyone!

When a routine is established in your family it can make life easier and much more organized for you and especially your little ones.  In a perfect world, everyone knows what is expected of them and is able to follow that routine flawlessly.  How does this work with multiple children who need to be five different places at one time, someone is sick, you’re a single parent, you’re in school etc?  Families are not always able to stick with routines for these various life reasons but knowing that children thrive on routine, they love to know what it is happening next and the more consistent the better the response is motivation enough to try something new.

The best thing to do is work with what you have and what you know are constant throughout your child’s day.

Daily activities may include:

  • Meal time
  • School
  • Playtime
  • Special Activities (crafts, cooking, outings, trips, & movies)
  • Bath time
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Bed Time

Creating a visual schedule is helpful to your young ones so that they know what to expect throughout their day and the remarkable thing about it is as the schedule changes all you have to do is simply change the pictures.  Pinterest and the internet have many different choices of visual calendars so pick one that works for you and your children.  You can also take it on the road and put it in a photo album and print out pictures from your computer or actually take pictures of your child doing the daily activities.  Make it with your child so that they can ownership that this is their schedule!

Heather Harris
Bright & Early Blogger