Summer Bucket List: #2 – Make a Time Capsule!

By: April Lukasik

A time capsule is a container into which you put items from the present, such as photos, newspapers clippings, letters, and more. The purpose of a time capsule is to capture memories that you’ll cherish forever. Not only is it a great way to remember the past, but it can also be a fun project for the whole family!

Typically time capsules are hidden somewhere for your future self or someone else to open at a later date. There’s no time limit on how long to keep it hidden; that’s for you and your family to decide!

Tip: Mom & Dad – make time capsules for each of your children to open on a milestone birthday or as a graduation gift!

Everyone in the family can contribute to the time capsule. Parents can write a letter to their future selves and/or to their children. Older school-aged children can write a letter or story about themselves. Another great idea is an “all-about-me” sheet on which they write their likes – food, color, school subject, movie, etc. When the capsule is opened, they’ll get a kick out of how their tastes have changed through the years! We like these suggestions.

Toddlers and young children can include artwork and drawings. Help them write their names so they can identify their work years later. For babies, dip their tiny hands in washable, non-toxic paint to make handprints, or simply trace them on paper. You’ll definitely need a box of tissues when you open the capsule years later – those little hands grow so much!

A shoebox is a perfect container if you’re planning to hide your time capsule indoors. If you’d like to move it outside, it’s best to store it in a more weather-resistant receptacle, like a mason jar or plastic container with a lid.

When your family’s time capsule is finally opened, you’ll all be able to reminisce about the past and celebrate the time spent working on this project together.

Create your own Summer Bucket List with this printable PDF

There’s plenty of room for you to brainstorm fun ideas with your family. But most importantly – don’t forget to have fun!