Summer Bucket List: #6 – Visit a farmers’ market

By: April Lukasik

This is the perfect time to visit your local farmers’ market. With a bounty of fresh summer crops, it’s a great way to teach your child about good nutrition and developing healthy eating habits.

Wander around the tents or stalls of the market with your kids and let them explore the colorful produce, smell the beautiful flowers, and pick out items for dinner (they might be more inclined to eat it if they helped choose the ingredients and prepare it!). Stop by the freshly baked goods tent for a treat to accompany your healthy choices!

Buying local products promotes a sense of pride and teaches your children the importance of supporting their community. Encourage them to talk to the farmers and merchants to learn more about what they do, and where your food is coming from. You might learn something new, too!

Many markets also provide fun, family-friendly activities. From music and story time to arts & crafts, there’s no shortage of things to do and see! Best of all, an outing to the farmers’ market means getting away from screen time and spending quality time together.

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