Family Testimonials

My son’s Infant teachers, Miss Wendy and Miss Shelby, are a big part of our family. I just love the energy I get from them as a team. I see how well they work together to ensure all the needs of the little ones are taken care of. They listen and take the time to hear what my son is doing developmentally and work with him to foster the next step. They are like “baby whisperers,” and are so amazing. I just love the fact that my son is exploring and being stimulated throughout the day. So, all in all, I am writing this because I give these two lovely ladies one of my most precious possessions and I am an extremely protective and worrying mother. I know that my child is being taken care of by the teachers the same way they would take care of their own children. I feel like the relationship between the parents and the providers is very important and I am just ecstatic that I have found a match that makes me and the children happy. You have a great crew there!

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