The Baby Name Game: How to Pick the Perfect Name for your Child

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Choosing a baby name is no small feat. Maybe it’s a family name passed down through generations, or a random name that is said aloud once and just sticks. What you name your child undoubtedly defines him or her in some way for life… but no pressure!

Yes, it’s daunting. But choosing a name for your child can also be fun! To alleviate some of the name strain, we’ve laid out six key questions to ask yourself while brainstorming baby names.

  1. Traditional or trendy? Do you want your child to stick out with a name like “Kylo,” or keep it classy with a name like “Emma”? Kylo might have to spell out his name a few times when ordering at Starbucks, but there’s a slim chance there will be three other Kylo’s in his preschool class. Emma is a timeless name that won’t raise any eyebrows on job applications, but maybe a “Top 10” name won’t stand out from the crowd as much at kindergarten orientation.
  2. What potential nicknames — good or bad — could be conceived from your child’s name? Kids on the playground can be surprisingly creative with nicknames…

  3. Will your family and friends like it? Well, not much you can do about this one. Sharing your name ideas will inevitably bring forth some strong responses. But once the baby arrives, your opinionated Aunt Cece’s hesitations will likely melt away as soon as she sees your child’s perfect chubby cheeks and tiny toes for the first time.
  4. Does the name have some sort of historical or pop cultural association? Calling all Elsa’s, Hermione’s and Napoleon’s!

  5. Does the name seem unique when you decide on it, but then you start hearing it everywhere? This happens more often than you’d think, so do your research! Keep scrolling down here to see Connecticut’s top 10 baby names last year, or ask a preschool teacher how many kids are named “Aiden” in their class. Your potential baby name may be more popular than you think.
  6. Will the name simply fit your kid? This one is impossible to predict. Only time will tell if baby Maximus will live up to the grand name bestowed upon him at birth.

Between diapers, cribs, and Lamaze (oh my!), it seems like your world pre-baby is a flurry of countless checklists. Well, we’ve got at least one list laid out for you… Whether this list gives you inspiration — or whether it narrows it down to names you won’t name your unborn child, take a peek at the most popular 2017 baby names in Connecticut, according to the SSA:

Top 10 Male Names in Connecticut in 2017

  1. Noah
  2. Liam
  3. Logan
  4. Jacob
  5. Michael
  6. Lucas
  7. Benjamin
  8. James
  9. Matthew
  10. Joseph

Top 10 Female Names in Connecticut 2017

  1. Olivia
  2. Emma
  3. Ava
  4. Mia
  5. Sophia
  6. Isabella
  7. Charlotte
  8. Amelia
  9. Grace
  10. Ella