Child Care and Preschool in Connecticut

Toddler Program – 2 to 3 years

Trusted teachers, new friends. Individual choices for learning.

Toddlers are eager to engage in a small, comfortable circle of friends. Circle time is introduced where children are encouraged to interact respectfully with others and participate in a group setting. Throughout the day, teachers also engage each child individually in conversations to encourage growing language skills.

The toddler year is the right time for children to awaken their sense of self-confidence in a social setting.

Our Toddler Program focuses on the following Standards of Development:

  • Personal & Social
  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Creative Expression

Toddler Classrooms

Our toddler classrooms have varied classroom learning centers where children choose to play in the area that best suits their learning style. All of our classrooms provide a safe childcare experience.

Toddlers may choose from the following classroom learning centers:

  • Circle Time Area – for daily gatherings
  • Block and Floor Area – for block building, floor puzzles, etc.
  • Literacy Center – a quiet area to curl up in with a favorite book
  • Manipulatives Center – shelves with baskets of curriculum toys for fine motor development
  • Art Center – self-help art cart to express their own style of creativity
  • Sensory Table Center –  sand and water table for science experiments
  • Family Life Center – to emulate the home environment
  • Dramatic Play Center – for dress-up and play acting

An important aspect of the toddler learning program is potty training. It is integrated into the day and handled with respect and patience. Child-size sinks and toilets are available to ease the experience allowing children to approach this milestone at their own pace while receiving praise and encouragement.