It Begins with a Healthy Environment

Your child’s well-being is our top priority, and maintaining spotlessly clean centers is an important part of our Health & Safety protocols.

Professional Cleaning Services

Bright and Early centers are cleaned after hours by a professional cleaning company. All of the cleaning products used are safe and non-toxic, and they are kept stored and locked where children do not have access to them. In addition to our after hours, thorough cleaning, toys and surfaces are disinfected throughout the day, and diapering occurs in its own separate area. Teachers wash their hands regularly and teach the children to wash their hands too.

Air Purification Systems

In addition to following guidelines and procedures recommended by the Office of Early Childhood and the CDC, Bright & Early has invested in air purification systems.

Depending on the facility, centers either have REME-HALO or ActivePure air purification systems. Both are excellent additions to keeping our children and staff healthy year round.

The REME-HALO units installed directly with the HVAC systems remove all forms of microbial hazards, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, airborne particles, pollen dust, and smoke through a unique ION generation and Photohydroionization (PHI) process.

The ActivePure Technology units are scientifically proven to reduce the presence of coronavirus in the air and on surfaces. In fact, they demonstrated effective at killing 99.98% of COVID within seven hours!

As the health and safety of the children in our care is our top priority, we’ve made an investment in purchasing these systems for center.


We take COVID seriously. At Bright & Early, we’ve always considered the health and safety of children and staff a top priority. After more than twenty five years of defining what it means to operate clean and healthy centers, we’ve adapted with confidence to a “new normal,” adding new protocols and technology to keep everyone safe during this challenging time. Each center works with its local health departments to stay up to date with the latest mandates and guidelines. We closely monitor and follow the guidelines and procedures recommended by the Office of Early Childhood and the CDC.

The following procedures apply to all centers, and for center-specific information, please contact your center directly.

  • More frequent sanitization and cleaning of toys and surfaces throughout the day
  • More frequent hand washing for staff and children
  • Intensified cleaning protocols for our cleaning staff


We’ve also made drop off and pick up procedures more socially distant.

For drop offs, parents may proceed to outside their child’s classroom entrance and the teacher will escort their child into the classroom and help put away any daily belongings.

At pick up, parents may proceed to outside their child’s classroom entrance and the teacher will escort their child to the classroom door with their daily belongings.

Children’s Wellness

Our teachers and staff always monitor children in our centers for symptoms of cold, flu, or any signs of illness. Whenever a child feels unwell, their parent(s) are notified and asked to come pick up their child in an effort to minimize spread of any illness, and we ask parents to keep their children home if they aren’t feeling well. During the flu season, we increase these efforts.


B&E will administer both non-prescription and prescription medications as per our Parent Manual, which outlines our thoughtful protocols for keeping children feeling and doing their best in a safe way. Parents can inquire further on an individual basis, as medication administration needs are unique for each child. These considerations can also account for the need of an EpiPen at hand in case of emergency.