Reputation is Meaningful

In 1997, we made it our goal to be the best possible child care center, and to hear feedback helps us improve every day. We take feedback seriously, and we want you to be able to see and read what other families have thought about their experiences with us. We think you’ll like what you hear!

What our families have to say…

My daughter has attended Bright & Early for the last two years and they have truly been amazing! All of the teachers and staff are so helpful and attentive! They are so good with the children and make them feel so welcome! The transition when my daughter first started was extremely tough, but everyone was so caring and helped her adjust. Now she loves going and wants to stay longer! The way they work with the school system so that she can receive the services she needs has been so helpful. Also, they have handled everything wonderfully throughout Covid, keeping everyone safe and allowing the children to get the education that they deserve! My daughter will be going to kindergarten in the Fall and I know she is prepared thanks to Bright & Early!! We are going to miss her teachers and everyone so much!


I am an elementary school teacher and send my two young children (1 and 4) to Bright and Early. The staff and administrators are so caring and accommodating. My children are so excited to go every day and don’t want to leave when I pick them up. They are learning every day, not only academically but life skills and social skills. It is the best feeling to know that my children are safe and in the best hands when I go to work. Bright and Early is the best daycare/preschool and I will be sad when my children outgrow it.


As new parents navigating the daycare scene for the first time, we didn’t expect to find so many wonderful benefits in one place – it didn’t take us long to realize that Bright & Early truly has it all. Cheerful and clean classrooms provide a safe and welcoming environment for our daughter to learn and explore. She is greeted each day by teachers and staff who are not only kind and professional but also have a keen understanding of her developing needs and foster her growth in creative ways. We see our daughter thriving from Bright & Early’s commitment to socialization, art, and play. We feel so lucky to be a part of such a positive community.


“It takes a village to raise a child.” Hillary Clinton may have said it, but no one understands it more than a parent looking for quality childcare. As a first time parent, and a working parent, it was very hard for me to think that after only a very short period of time at home with my brand new baby, that I was going to have to return to work and put my daughter into someone else’s care. Finding committed, loving caregivers is very difficult. My husband and I consider ourselves and our daughter, very lucky to have found Bright & Early. From the moment you walk into the center, it is obvious you are joining a family of people who respect you as a parent and are willing to take an active role in your child’s education. Bright & Early is a welcoming and friendly environment that exudes enthusiasm!

Cara M., Mother of Infant

The Director and Assistant Director do a superb job greeting everyone in the morning with a warm smile and make the center very inviting. I feel like their greeting in the morning sets the tone for the entire day…who wouldn’t want to start the day with a smile? They are warm and loving to the kids, and a plethora of knowledge for the “mom” questions I sometimes have.

Kristen H., Mother of two Toddlers

The teachers provide my children with such a nurturing and creative place to spend their days. My children are excited for school each day and that helps give me the peace of mind to know I have picked the very best daycare for them. Along with the amazing teachers, the owner and other staff members have gone above and beyond to make sure our time at Bright & Early is a great experience – and it has been!

Jody C., Mother of a Toddler and Preschooler

It is amazing that all the teachers in the center know my child’s name and greet me everyday with a smile and a friendly hello when I walk in the door. Brightens my day!

Michelle S., Mother of Toddler

There is no greater testimony than seeing your child excel, both socially and academically. When my son comes home and is able to identify certain objects and even recognizes his name, this makes me feel confident that the teachers are doing a great job. I adore the staff and my son’s teachers. Communication is key and I feel that the staff go above and beyond to assure I am well aware of all happenings.

Mentio J., Father of Preschooler

We could not have picked a better Preschool for our twin sons. Bright & Early teachers are highly qualified professionals that promote a positive learning environment and enrich our sons lives. Our sons are happy and eager to go to school every day because of the fun learning experiences and caring Teachers. We would recommend Bright & Early to friends and family!

Cassandra W., Mother of Toddler Twin Boys

As a full time Active Duty Recruiter, I am all over the states of MA, RI, and CT. I am so comforted to know that even though I am far away, my boys are safe, learning, and having a blast with the awesome staff at Bright & Early!

Kristen H., Mother of Young Toddler and Toddler

From the moment we stepped foot through Bright & Early’s doors, we have felt like we are part of a great family. Our son’s teachers are so loving and attentive. We couldn’t ask for a better place to bring our child. Our experiences have been nothing but positive and we look forward to the many years ahead of us at Bright & Early.

Aimee D., Mother of Infant

My son’s teacher has this gentle mother aura about her that he and the other children just flock to. My son runs to the classroom and is genuinely excited to learn and play. It puts my mind and heart at ease during the day to know that my son is enjoying his day while learning and gaining the skills that are ultimately going to put him ahead when he goes to Kindergarten.

Kristen H., Mother of Young Toddler

My son’s Infant teachers, Miss Wendy and Miss Shelby, are a big part of our family. I just love the energy I get from them as a team. I see how well they work together to ensure all the needs of the little ones are taken care of. They listen and take the time to hear what my son is doing developmentally and work with him to foster the next step. They are like “baby whisperers,” and are so amazing. I just love the fact that my son is exploring and being stimulated throughout the day. So, all in all, I am writing this because I give these two lovely ladies one of my most precious possessions and I am an extremely protective and worrying mother. I know that my child is being taken care of by the teachers the same way they would take care of their own children. I feel like the relationship between the parents and the providers is very important and I am just ecstatic that I have found a match that makes me and the children happy. You have a great crew there!

Kristen H., Mother of Infant Son

Thank you so very much for the work of Bright & Early. I cannot tell you all enough how pleased I am with the active learning environment and wonderful staff. In a time when my small child needed to be in the hands of another individual to foster her growth, I feel so fortunate to have found Bright & Early. The amount of nurturing, structure, and overall educational experiences she has gained from the staff and organization as a whole, have truly aided in her developmental growth and character. The experience has been more rewarding than what I could have asked for. Thank you all for providing a safe place for my child. Many, many thanks.

Mom & Dad of a very happy Preschool Daughter