Developing a Sense of Self & Strength

We get your child moving every day, rain or shine. Whether an infant is learning to reach, roll, crawl, or walk or a preschooler is riding a tricycle, dancing, or playing four-square, they will be moving.

Bright & Early provides both indoor and outdoor space where your child will develop large motor skills, strength, mobility, and coordination. You will hear voices singing, hands clapping, and feet stomping every day at Bright & Early. You will see the rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, and smiling faces of children who exercise every day!

Because we know that good health goes hand-in-hand with learning, our learning experience for the classroom includes conversations and activities about health, safety, and exercise. Teachers create and develop Learning Experience Plans that educate children about exercise – where to exercise, fun ways to exercise, and why it is important to us. Our goal is to encourage your child to enjoy regular exercise and develop a lifetime of healthy activity.


Outdoor play is an excellent source of exercise for children—and it’s fun! At Bright & Early, children have the room and fresh air to establish fun exercise habits, a love for the outdoors, and functional athleticism early in life. Our centers have outdoor play areas for each age group, giving all children the opportunity to play at their particular developmental level. Teachers bring indoor learning to the outside, creating outdoor classrooms to increase intersectional learning opportunities.


The Bright & Early playgrounds and equipment are regularly inspected by an outside company that specializes in school playground safety. We choose only the safest equipment, keeping up with playground equipment technology advancements. All playgrounds have a secure fence complete with child-safe gates.

Outdoor Classroom

Our outdoor play areas are an extension of the classroom learning experience. As children maneuver on our playscapes, they are learning to control their bodies and gaining motor skills. As they engage in group play, they are learning all the necessary group social skills to succeed at the next educational level and in life. Our teachers bring the principles of the classroom outdoors so that all learning opportunities are taken full advantage of.

Indoor Gym

We’ve got that too! We know that the sun doesn’t always shine, and sometimes the weather doesn’t permit safe outdoor play. For those days, each center has an indoor gym.

Our indoor gyms are perfect for music and movement activities with teachers leading their students using bean bags, hula-hoops, silk parachutes, musical instruments and appropriate children’s music to engage children with excitement and energy. Your child will learn basic dance moves, develop physical self-confidence and participate in a group with friends.