Providing Peace of Mind Since 1997

For more than 25 years, families have trusted Bright & Early Children’s Learning Centers to care for and to educate their children. Read on to discover why.

Our Mission

Bright & Early awakens young minds when it matters most by providing individualized educational experiences for children in a nurturing, mindful, and cheerful community.

Our Philosophy

At Bright & Early, each child, family, and teacher joining our community is valued and respected. Our centers provide peace of mind for families, an inspiring environment for children, and an uplifting workplace for teachers. Bright & Early is the exemplar of early care and education.

Our Vision

To care for and educate mindful, cheerful, and engaged children during their earliest years as a leader in the field of early childhood programs.

Bright & Early Core Values:

We believe core values are everything. They define what we do and how we do it, which is why we’ve spent over two decades developing them. We strive to be aligned with these core values that we hold in such high regard, as they are the foundation of our company.