Protecting Who and What Matters

At Bright and Early, we have identified the key areas of security that are necessary to ensure a safe environment for our children. We have the resources and systems in place to give you peace of mind to move through your day knowing you don’t have to worry about your child while they are in our care. From the moment you walk up to our front door to the moment you return to pick your child up at the end of the day, we have security covered, providing the safest and the best possible environment for your child. Our teachers genuinely care for the children in their classrooms, and a director and assistant director who are dedicated to overseeing that high-quality care that Bright & Early has provided for thousands of families since 1997.

Secure Entrance System

All entrances to our centers* are secured with individually programmed key fobs ensuring that only enrolled families and staff have access to the centers keeping your child safe. The key fobs can be individually deactivated any time if needed. Our system ensures maximum security and safety of the children, and our extensive policies and procedures cover in detail lockdown scenarios, which we review and practice regularly.

* Niantic uses a securely coded entry system instead, which allows access to the center only for enrolled families and staff. There is also a fingerprint check-in system located in the reception area.

Fingerprint Check In/Out System

Once inside the center, children are then checked in by parents using a fingerprint check in system which accurately records attendance. Upon pick up, parents use the same system allowing for a secure pick up.

Cameras Everywhere!

Bright & Early centers all have center-wide video surveillance for added security and peace of mind. Each center has a state-of-the-art camera system with up to 32 cameras. Our video surveillance system continuously records all activity of all areas of each property, and a real-time video feed is displayed on a large monitor for our directors to monitor the entire center closely and continually throughout the day. Every center has a camera in every classroom, gym, hallway, reception area, playground area, and entrance. Every corner of our safe, secure centers are visually supervised.

Administrator On-Site

Our administrators are experienced and knowledgeable, so parents can feel confident knowing the center’s Director or Assistant Director is always on-site to ensure the center’s safety and security measures are followed appropriately and accurately. Bright & Early administrators have the experience, knowledge, and skill set to respond appropriately and capably to any event.


It matters who cares for our children. Our hiring process stringently filters for only the most responsible and professional teachers. The State of Connecticut reviews fingerprints and performs a criminal background check on each of our staff. Applicants also must provide references, which we always check.


All of our staff is CPR and First Aid Certified because we want to keep everyone safe. Moments matter, and we want to make sure that, in the event of an emergency, our staff have the knowledge and skills to respond to an emergency situation appropriately while further help is on the way.