Teachers are the heart and soul

of Bright & Early…

and we are dedicated to providing a wonderful positive professional environment in which everyone can collaborate and flourish. In addition to what happens in their own classroom and center, our Teachers get to connect with other B&E Teachers across the state, sharing the experience of learning opportunities and team building. We are truly grateful for each and every Teacher that has chosen Bright & Early as the place to care for and educate children. You can feel the family-like energy, the welcoming vibe, and see all of the friendships that formed by working together toward the shared goal of caring for and educating young children. Our Teachers love to share their heartwarming reflections of their experiences at Bright & Early.

In the summer of 2022, we celebrated 25 years of Bright & Early. See what our amazing Teachers have to say about being a part of our community!

What our Teachers have to say…

Bright & Early is my home away from home. It’s my second family. I have worked at Bright & Early for 5 years and it is the best place I have ever worked…

Miss Kayla, Toddler Teacher for 5 years

I enjoy going to work every day, seeing all the children, teaching, and watching them grow! Our school is always clean and has a happy environment. We all work together and collaborate with each other to give the children a happy and safe learning experience. The Director and Assistant Director go above and beyond to make sure we have all our supplies to complete our weekly activities. It is a great place to work and teach children.

Miss Donna, Preschool Teacher for 10 years

The bonds I’ve formed with the kids mean so much to me. They are something I’ll carry with me for a lifetime. I come in every day excited for a unique experience, and of course all the hugs I will get!

Miss Victoria, Toddler Teacher for 2 years

Becoming a Teacher at Bright & Early is one of the most cherished decisions I’ve made in my career. I have gained so much valuable education through professional development opportunities and mentoring. I am free to be the creative individual I want to be in my classroom and with my students.

Miss Brittany, Infant Teacher for 3 years

I love the positive energy of the other staff members that contributes to a joyful atmosphere. I love how we are provided with continuous free training. Whether it’s a dress-up day or a parade, there are many fun and themed events and activities at Bright & Early.

Miss Kloe, Support Teacher for 1 year

My favorite parts about working at Bright & Early are seeing the children grow as they move through the program, and working with other Teachers who become family.

Miss Vivian, Young Toddler Teacher for 5 years

I had so much fun at the B&E Holiday Dinner! Thank you for always planning the best events for us! You always put so much thought and effort into them and I appreciate everything you do.

Miss Bailey, Manager for 7 years

At Bright & Early there are many great things to say. I love that everyone is welcoming and has a desire to get to know each other. The teamwork at Bright & Early is amazing and many growth opportunities are given.

Infant Teacher for 2 years

It’s been so much fun working at Bright & Early, between getting to teach and creating bonds with all the kiddos, to getting to know and becoming friends with all my coworkers, I can honestly say working here has been so nice!

Miss Stephanie, Young Toddler Teacher for 6 months

Working at Bright & Early these last few years has been life changing. My coworkers have become family and to have that support for me and my family makes all the difference.

Miss Jocelyn, Infant Teacher for 3 years

I love working at Bright & Early. Everyone is so friendly and very welcoming. There is always an opportunity to grow and learn more. The Director and Assistant Director are always available if anyone needs to talk. Bright & Early feels like a home away from home.

Miss Tiffany, Infant Teacher for 5 months

I have been teaching at Bright & Early North Branford for almost 12 years. Bright & Early is a happy, nurturing environment. I love that we can be creative with our lesson plans. The Director and Assistant Director go above and beyond to support us and are wonderful team leaders to us all. They are always willing to lend a hand and offer advice, guidance, and support. I enjoy teaching at Bright & Early very much – it is a joyful place to come each day!

Miss Janet, Preschool Teacher for 12 years

I am so lucky to work with such compassionate, loving, and nurturing women. Bright & Early’s community is truly wonderful. It’s a joy to get to love and care for our center’s children. Their love and smiles are one of my greatest joys.

Miss Crystal, Infant Teacher for 2 years

My experience at Bright & Early has been really good! The staff are friendly and welcoming. It is fun to work with the children, and the families are very nice. I used to go to this center when I was younger – I loved it, and still do! It means a lot for me to work at the daycare I used to go to, and I wouldn’t change anything. The kids are what makes this experience so special for me – I love working with them all.

Miss Brianna, Support Teacher for 6 months

I love working at Bright & Early! I love how we get paid for all major holidays, how Professional Development trainings are built into three paid days a year to allow teachers the time and compensation for trainings. I also love the family-feel between children, staff, directors, and parents.

Miss Shaye, Preschool Teacher for 5 years

Bright & Early has given me a new outlook on my career. Management is wonderful, my co-workers are the best, and nothing is more rewarding than working with little ones.

Miss Megan, Toddler Teacher for 2 years

I love being a Preschool Teacher at Bright & Early. My favorite part of working with the children is seeing how they grow and develop through the years. I also enjoy working with my coworkers. The make the days completely full of fun and joy.

Miss Bethany, Preschool Teacher for 10 years

The best part about working at Bright & Early is the children we care for and their families. Over the years I have learned and grown as a better Teacher because of them and for them. All my wonderful coworkers are dedicated to bringing out the best of themselves for the children. I also appreciate Bright & Early for always offering their best as a thriving company that offers families a safe and caring environment for their child to learn and grow.

Miss Bernice, Infant Teacher for 26 years

I always knew that I wanted to teach children since I was in middle school. Teaching here at Bright & Early has really made everything I’ve dreamt of come true. I honestly love all the Teachers and staff here. They have all been so welcoming, and the kids here make everything just that much more amazing! I love each and every one of my students.

Miss Lismary, Preschool Teacher for 1 year