We Share the Moments & Milestones

We know your child enjoys their time with us, and we know that they are receiving the best possible early care education. We want you to feel connected with your child’s experience as they move through our program, so we make center-family communication a priority.

Parents download the Tadpoles App to their smart devices, which allows us to keep families updated on a daily basis with relevant and fun information: photos of your child enjoying their day and progressing through our Early Learning & Development Standards, as well as a daily written report detailing your child’s activities. Parents have the option of having all communication delivered through email instead of through Tadpoles, if they prefer.

Through Tadpoles, parents are sent a Daily Report each evening with information about the following happenings:

  • Daily notes
  • Naps/Sleep
  • Snacks/Meals
  • Individual and class activities detailing development standards