Child Care and Preschool in Connecticut


Trust, confidence. Peace of mind. These are our priorities for you as a parent.

We know that a secure daycare center is at the very top of your list for a quality child care experience. We have this covered from the moment you walk up to our front door to picking your child up at the end of the day. You will have peace of mind knowing they were in the best possible environment, with teachers who genuinely care for their well-being, overseen by the director and assistant director who have every child’s best interest, every moment of the day.

Center-Wide Video Surveillance

For added security and peace of mind, our centers continuously monitor and record all activity of all areas of each property, including entrances, classrooms, indoor and outdoor play areas, parking lots, etc. Each center has a state of the art camera system with up to 32 cameras and a large monitor that allows for the director’s continual awareness of all center activity, as well as the corporate office.

Cameras Everywhere!

You will notice cameras in EVERY classroom, gym, hallway, reception area, playground areas, and all entrances. Our system allows the center director to visually supervise every corner of our safe, secure centers at all times.

Secure Entry and Exit

Bright&Early ensures that only enrolled families and staff have access to the centers with an individually programmed key fob at the entrances. This controlled entry system will ensure that only approved persons may enter and exit the center, keeping your child safe.
Note: the rectangle to right of door on the exterior wall is your secure keyfob scanner to enter.

Child Database

Bright & Early uses a custom designed database that gives the director direct access to your child’s family and health information, schedule, attendance, and approved pick-up persons. This system also allows the Bright&Early Nurse Consultant access to children’s health records, to help remind families of upcoming documentation needs for well-visits, immunizations, medications, and allergies.


The Bright&Early playgrounds and equipment are regularly inspected by an outside company that specializes in school playground safety. All playgrounds have a secure fence complete with child-safe gates.