Dear Families and Staff Members,

Let me begin with sincere gratitude to all for joining in our comprehensive plan to keep Bright & Early a safe and healthy place. Everyone has adapted positively to the new distanced drop-off and pick-ups, extra sanitization procedures, social distancing, mask wearing and supported the important protocol during this pandemic.

I am very excited to share with everyone an initiative Bright & Early is taking to keep our centers as safe, clean, and sanitized as possible. I personally did a great deal of research and due diligence to decide upon the best air filtration system on the market to assist in combating any COVID-19 exposure in our child care centers.

ActivePure, Pure & Clean unit environmental decontaminators have been installed in EVERY classroom, office, and reception area – in all Bright & Early centers. Bright & Early has invested $50,000 for this important initiative. These units are able to decontaminate with continuous effect. This is the only purifier on the market that uses an exclusive combination of technologies, including ion generation, a sealed filter better than HEPA, photocatalytic oxidation and exclusive ActivePure technology. It has proved efficacy against bacteria, viruses, dust and fungi in the air and on surfaces.

The safety of every child and Bright & Early staff member is the top priority. It is important for anyone who enters our centers to have the best peace of mind possible.

In Good Health,
April Lukasik, President, Owner
Bright & Early Children’s Learning Centers