Great news! We have partnered with Cloud 9 Online, a digital wellness mobile app company that develops custom written mindfulness meditations, songs, stories, music, and more – all created EXCLUSIVELY for Bright & Early children, teachers, and families!

The mindfulness movement has been making its way across schools, hospitals, and organizations to promote greater health & overall well-being. There were over 7,000 published studies on mindfulness in 2019 proving the benefits. Children (& adults!) who engage in regular mindful activities enjoy:

  • a more peaceful reaction to external stressors
  • personal and peer acceptance, embracing our diversities
  • a greater connection to our bodies
  • improved memory & concentration
  • increased energy
  • reduced anxiety & stress
  • a better night’s sleep

Bright & Early is excited to be part of this wellness movement.

We will use mindfulness and positivity in the classroom via our own Bright & Early app each day.

Working with Cloud 9 Online, we have co-created specific meditations for infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children with three considerations in mind:

  1. children’s attention spans,
  2. cognitive awareness, and
  3. developmental appropriateness.

The overall feel of the words and music will be light, whimsical, childlike, and positive.

Each mindfulness exercise will direct the children to become aware of their bodies and minds by using breathing techniques, visualization, and body relaxation techniques.

The Bright & Early app will be available to teachers via iPad in each classroom, allowing us to add this wellness component to the daily schedule and curriculum. Teachers may play mindfulness meditations for children at nap time, for stretching activities, when a child needs to re-group and regain control (positive behavior techniques), and as needed.

In addition, it is my pleasure to offer our app to Bright & Early families to enjoy at home. Please contact your location’s director for download and login information.

Here is a sample meditation for you to do with your child called “I See You.”

With warmth and gratitude,

Click above to play Sample Meditation