Bright & Early is dedicated to fostering physical development in children from infancy through pre-kindergarten. Our approach weaves movement into every day, ensuring that our youngest learners achieve important physical milestones. Let’s explore the various ways we support physical growth at each stage of development.

Infants: Foundation for Movement 

In our Infant Program, physical development is nurtured right from the start. Our classrooms are designed with extra-padded mat areas for daily tummy time, encouraging infants to practice rolling, sitting, cruising, and crawling. This early engagement in physical activities helps build their motor skills, laying the foundation for future physical milestones​​.

Toddlers: Active Exploration 

The Toddler Program is tailored to the boundless energy of two-year-olds, focusing on developing their large motor skills. Our outdoor classroom provides a perfect setting for toddlers to confidently walk, run, and explore various surfaces. Activities like playing with blocks, experimenting with the physics of building, and participating in sensory table experiments also aid in developing their fine motor skills and overall physical health​​.

Preschoolers: Developing Coordination and Skills 

In the Preschool Program, children’s physical activities become more structured and varied. The outdoor classroom plays a significant role, offering space for more organized physical games and exercises. Activities such as drawing, coloring, painting, and using manipulative toys for fine motor development are integral in the classroom. These activities help preschoolers develop coordination, balance, and fine motor skills crucial for their age​​.

Pre-Kindergarteners: Preparing for the Next Step 

The Pre-Kindergarten Program at Bright & Early focuses on getting children ready for the physical demands of kindergarten. Activities are designed to use more complex and coordinated large motor skills. This includes exercises that improve balance, coordination, and strength. Additionally, fine motor skills are honed through activities like cutting paper to create snowflakes and developing a mature pencil grasp, which is pivotal for writing​​.


At Bright & Early, we understand the importance of physical development in the early years. Our programs are designed to ensure children achieve physical milestones while having fun. From infancy through pre-kindergarten, we provide a range of activities catering to each age group’s physical development needs, ensuring our young learners are intellectually and physically prepared for the future.