Today, let’s embark on exciting gardening adventures you can enjoy right in your home with your little ones. Whether your child is an infant, toddler, preschooler, or pre-kindergartener, we have some fantastic ideas inspired by Bright & Early’s nurturing curriculum to share.

Infants: First Touches of Nature

  • For our youngest gardeners, it’s all about sensory exploration and gentle outdoor experiences. Create a cozy outdoor spot with a soft blanket and introduce your infants to the beauty of nature. Take a stroll outside with them in a baby buggy, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. It’s the perfect way to give your little ones their first touch of nature. 

Toddlers: Discovering with Wonder

  • Toddlers are naturally curious, and the garden provides a playground for their adventurous spirits. Encourage them to explore different textures by setting up a sensory garden at home. Let them touch the soil, leaves, and flowers, allowing them to discover the wonders of nature firsthand. Watch their excitement as they observe plants and insects, fostering their love for the outdoors. 

Preschoolers: Little Green Thumbs

  • Preschoolers are ready to dive into more structured gardening activities. Create a mini garden at home and involve them in planting and caring for their own little patch of paradise. Teach them about plant life cycles, the importance of sunlight and water, and even some basic environmental science concepts. These hands-on experiences will ignite their curiosity while developing critical skills for their academic journey. 

Pre-Kindergarteners: Nature Explorers

  • Pre-kindergarteners are ready to take on more complex gardening projects. Sow the seeds of learning by encouraging them to observe plant growth, learn about different plant species, and understand weather patterns. Integrate these garden adventures into their daily routines, allowing them to practice cognitive development, language skills, and scientific understanding. It’s a wonderful way to prepare them for kindergarten and deepen their connection with the natural world.


  • Creating gardening adventures at home can nurture your child’s love for nature and provide valuable learning opportunities. Explore the links above to learn more about Bright & Early’s programs and curriculum, which are designed to give your child the best start in life. So put on your gardening hat, grab your little one’s hand, and let the joy of growing together begin!