Spring is a season of new beginnings and discoveries, and at Bright & Early, we embrace this time of year with our nature exploration programs. Our approach turns the outdoors into a vibrant classroom, fostering a love for science in our preschoolers. Let’s delve into how each program at Bright & Early incorporates nature exploration to encourage child-friendly science learning.

Infants: Sensory Experiences with Nature 

Our Infant Program introduces the youngest learners to nature through sensory experiences. During their comfortable outdoor buggy rides, infants get to feel the warmth of the sunshine and the fresh spring air, providing them with their initial encounters with the natural world. This gentle introduction to the outdoors helps develop their sensory and cognitive skills​​.

Toddlers: Exploring and Discovering Outdoors 

In the Young Toddler and Toddler Program, children’s natural curiosity is encouraged through outdoor explorations. Our Outdoor Classroom allows toddlers to engage with nature through sensory play. This includes feeling different textures like soil and leaves, observing plants and small insects, and experiencing the diverse sensations of the outdoor environment. These activities support toddlers’ fine motor development and cognition and spark their early interest in scientific exploration​​.

Preschoolers: Young Scientists in the Garden 

For preschoolers, the garden becomes a fascinating science lab. In our Preschool Program, children participate in more structured activities, such as planting and watching seeds grow. This hands-on experience teaches them about plant life cycles, the importance of water and sunlight in growth, and basic environmental concepts. The Science Center, equipped with nature books, games, and activities, complements these experiences by providing deeper insights into the world of science, nurturing their curiosity and understanding​​.

Pre-Kindergarteners: Advanced Nature Study 

Pre-kindergarteners in our program are introduced to more advanced concepts of nature and science. Their activities include observing different plant species, understanding weather patterns, and learning about the environment’s impact on plant growth. This deeper dive into scientific topics helps prepare them for kindergarten, enhancing their cognitive development, language skills, and scientific knowledge​​.


At Bright & Early, our nature exploration programs are an integral part of our curriculum, providing children with a unique opportunity to learn about science in an engaging, hands-on way. As we spring into this new season, we’re excited to see our young learners grow and explore, just like the plants in our garden. Through these programs, we aim to instill in them a lifelong love for learning and a deep appreciation for the natural world.